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Historical and Cultural Heritage

There 11 national museums on the territory of Rivne region. They include 8 museums, historical and cultural reserves in Dubno and Ostroh, National state historical and memorial reserve "Berstechko Battle Field".

3258 historical and cultural monuments which include 1088 archeological, 1761 historical, 325 architectural and 84 monuments are registered.

There are 162 monuments of sacred wooden architecture on the territory of the region, they include 36 monuments of the national and 126 of local significance that are used according to their intended purpose.

8 castles, architectural monuments of national significance are situated in Rivne region. Unique castle culture, which had a defensive importance, is typical for Rivne region. It is most vividly represented in Tarakaniv fort, Dubno and Ostroh castles, Mezhyrich monastery and fortress.

13 cities of Rivne region are indicated in the list of the historical cities of Ukraine approved by the President’s decree. They are: Rivne, Dubno, Korets, Ostroh, Dubrovytsia, Radyvyliv, Berezne, Volodymyrets, Hoscha, Klevan, Mizoch, Mlyniv, Stepan.

A portal «Volyn' tourism» will help to travel in historical Volyn', Rivne, and in particular, to learn more about interesting objects and artefacts of protoslavic, Slavic period, the times of Cossacks and modern times.
















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